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Accessibility statement

Our websites and digital services are mainly targeted to employer representatives of Finnish municipalities and joint municipalities. We are committed to improving our websites in such a manner that they are user-friendly and accessible to everyone.

Accessibility is governed by the Finnish Act on the Provision of Digital Services according to which all public digital services have to be accessible. The accessibility requirements apply to Local Government Employers (KT) digital services and this is our accessibility statement.

The statement covers all our websites, i.e. and Among these sites, our main site is partly provided in English. This statement was drawn up on 25 of August 2020 and its English version was published on 17 of November 2020.

We have assessed accessibility ourselves using different accessibility tools and test software.

Compliance with accessibility requirements

KT:s websites largely meet the accessibility requirements.

Apart few exceptions, KT:s websites comply with A and AA level requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.1.

Even though the general state of web accessibility is pretty good, there are still some non-accessible contents and functionalities. We are further improving our websites and our working methods in order to fix all major issues.

We have detected the following shortcomings:

Accessibility issues related to layout

Some colour contrasts fail to meet the expected ratios. The websites also have elements where text is displayed on images in such a manner that the contrast between the text and its background is not the best possible. In addition, some link elements are too close to each other when using the mobile version of the sites.

We have taken different measures in order to fix these accessibility problems. Among other things, the layouts of our websites will be redesigned during the autumn 2020 and spring 2021.

Attachment files

The documents published on our website partially conform with the accessibility requirements. We have updated our document templates in spring 2020 to make them more accessible. We also try to avoid publishing unnecessary attachment files on our websites.

Documents published after 23 September 2018 should be accessible, but some non-accessible documents might be found. Should you encounter a non-accessible document on our websites, please contact us so that we can agree on supplying the information in a suitable format. Different contact methods are presented under Feedback on accessibility.


The charts on our website have been created using Highcharts charting API, and they are not completely conformant with the accessibility requirements.

The layout of the charts will be redesigned in spring 2021 so that font sizes and colour contrasts are sufficient.

Some statistics, including maps, are displayed as images. In that case, an alternative text is added to them and their content is also described in text format on the page.


We apply the accessibility requirements related to videos beginning 23 September 2020 providing captions for all the videos that are available for more than 14 days. Some older videos also have captions and meet the requirements.

We mainly publish videos on our YouTube channel, from where we share them to other channels.

Feedback on accessibility

Please, send your feedback concerning accessibility issues through our accessibility feedback form.

•    Send feedback on accessibility >

If you prefer using e-mail, please send your message to Mention in your e-mail subject line “Accessibility feedback” and include in your message the URL of the page you are referring to. This makes it easier to us to process your feedback.

If you encounter accessibility barriers on our websites, please contact us. We aim to respond to accessibility feedback within 14 days, but it might take us longer than 14 days to find a technical solution.

Supervisory authority

You are entitled to escalate your complaint to the national authority, should you be dissatisfied with our response or if you do not get any response from us within 14 days. The competent authority is Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland.

Supervisory authority’s contact information

Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland
Accessibility Supervision Unit
Tel. (switchboard) +358 295 016 000

Feedback on our web services and their accessibility

We welcome any feedback helping us to improve our web services.

Please note that if your feedback concerns accessibility, you are kindly asked to use the accessibility feedback form or send an e-mail to our communication unit.