KT participates in cooperation between education sector employers

Local Government and County Employers KT is a founding member of the European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE). Established in 2009, EFEE represents all levels of education from pre-school to higher education institutions.

As a general rule, education policy has been under national competence and not stipulated by directives to any considerable degree.

However, the number and importance of EU recommendations and other guidance has increased over the past few years.

Commission decisions influenced through EFEE

Education sector employers can directly affect decisions made by the Commission and make the voice of employers stronger.  


  • participates in the preparation of the EU's education policy
  • influences decisions concerning the education sector
  • protects the interests of education sector employers at EU level together with other employers' organisations.

EFEE is a member of CEEP, the European Centre of Employers and Enterprises Providing Public Services.  

Employers and employees in European social dialogue on education

Employer and employee organisations in the education sector also cooperate in labour market issues at the EU level. The Committee on European Social Dialogue in education was established in 2010. The term social dialogue refers to dialogue between social partners in the labour market. The aim is to influence decisions made by the Commission and make the voice of labour market organisations stronger.  

The social dialogue covers some 93 million pupils and 15 million teachers from 27 countries and deals with the range of education from pre-school to higher education. A joint declaration on investing in future has been issued on the cooperation.

Social dialogue focuses on specific themes which are:  

  • quality of education from the point of view of teacher training
  • impact of immigration and ageing on demographic development
  • role of university education and research.

European debate also highlights the positive impact of education in tackling economic recession.

Local Government Employers represents Finland in the Committee on European Social Dialogue. The Association of Employers in Education and Culture and the Trade Union of Education in Finland are also represented in the Committee. ​