Office and delegation

​KT employs about 50 persons and its power of decision is exercised by its delegation.

The office of Local Government and County Employers KT consists of experts in their respective fields:

  • Communications and the editorial staff of Kuntatyönantaja professional magazine
  • General matters relating to employment relationships
  • Employment relationships in social and health care services
  • Employment relationships in education and cultural services
  • Labour market research
  • HR development.

The office is managed by Managing Director Markku Jalonen.

Delegation of Local Government and County Employers KT

The delegation consists of 11 members and their personal deputy members.

The delegation's members and deputy members are appointed by the Ministry of Finance for a four-year term starting on 1 January of the year following the local elections.

The appointment of members takes account of the balance of political parties in municipalities and equality considerations.